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Australia is rapidly becoming one of the finest destinations for the majority of immigrants. Thanks to its fast-growing economy and ample employment opportunities, this continent has witnessed increases rate of immigrants’ year-on-year. The climate of Australia is fantastic and so are its picturesque tourist spots.

The country is providing a high-standard lifestyle along with security. The education system is highly developed with most universities are among the best in the world. Moreover, this country does not look upon the immigrants as their liability rather they are assets that increase productivity and help in the economic development of this country.

The capital of Australia is Canberra and the largest city is Sydney.

The official language is English. The population in 2016 was approximately 23 million with a population density of 3.3 per square km. The currency is Australian dollar and the climate of Australia comprises of four seasons. Northern states of Australia are warmer than the Southern states with the latter experiencing cool winters. The visitors can enjoy snowfalls at various places during winters. The various famous resort of Australia provides the opportunity for skiing during snowfall.

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    With a non-discriminatory immigration policy, Australia has become a hot spot for the migration of skilled workers and business people. It is estimated that more than 7 million people have migrated to Australia for a better lifestyle, enhancing business perspectives and receiving a quality education. Various factors have fueled an increased number of immigrants in Australia. Some of the factors are the fast-growing economy, low pollution. Low population density, social security benefits, picturesque landscaping, high living standards, and appearance of various Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, in the list of top lively places in the world. The weather is excellent in Australia with a year divided into four seasons
    • Permanent Residence
    • Work Permit
    • Study Permit / Visa
    • Investor Visa
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    A permanent visa grants an individual with this visa type to remain the country indefinitely. To become a personal resident of the country of Australia, you are apply using a variety of available options amongst which, the most common types include skilled visa and family visa. Other types of permanent residence visa includes business/investor visa.

    1.1 Skilled Independent Visa

    People migrating to Australia are not only benefiting themselves with exposure to a better lifestyle and his earning potential but in a mutually advantageous environment, the country also gets the benefit of increasing productivity because of the highly skilled international professionals along with cultural diversification.

    Cities such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne are some of the best cities to fulfill the dreams of aspiring individuals, with high growth and modern living conditions. The country has a very low rate of unemployment and the chances of escalating on the career ladder are tremendous in this multicultural cosmopolitan nation.

    RCIC immigration experts are highly skilled and hold comprehensive knowledge of various laws, guidelines, regulations, and procedures for assisting esteemed customers in their journey of immigration. Because of the growing economy and to maintain national security, the laws, guidelines, and regulations are frequently revised and updated. RCIC, as a regulated body, is fully aware of the changes related to immigration laws and procedures to evade any surprise query by the immigration department. The services are extended to the citizens and residents of the Middle East, GCC, India and Africa.

    Immigration to Australia is highly challenging owing to complicated procedures and requirements immigration. The country is always in need of skilled workers due to its driving economy, to ensure that only the genuine and skilled person obtains the visa, Australia offers a variety of immigration programs. The programs will test the skills and expertise required for a certain profession.

    Australia provides various visas to individuals to get permanent residency. A skilled independent visa is one such visa. Individuals who fulfill the qualification required under the Australian Skilled Occupation List are granted the Skilled Independent Visa. The Skilled Independent Visa helps the person to attain permanent residence in Australia that opens the door of a variety of benefits such as social security and subsidized medical care benefits. Further, permanent residence labels may help in obtaining Australian citizenship.

    Are You Planning For Australia Skilled Independent Migration?

    RCIC operates through a strict mandate to support customers in their endeavor of receiving a Skilled Independent Visa for Australia. We ensure that every expert should know the minute details of the application procedure and are ready to provide up-to-date information related to application procedure Skilled Independent Visa. They may also provide a report after evaluating your qualifications for obtaining a Skilled Independent Visa for Australia.

    1.2 Skilled Nominated Visa

    Australia, every year, attracts thousands of people from all over the world either to visit the excellent scenery of this country or to earn and living along with providing a high standard of living to their family. Because of the low population density, the country has ample growth opportunities and has a fine comfortable life. The low rate of unemployment in this fascinating country leads to a low crime rate. The dazzling economic and social environment have made this country a fine destination for immigration. With banks providing the low-interest rate credits for having a car or house of your own indicates the prosperity of this nation. The gesture of the people of this country towards immigrants is fantastic and thus the majority of immigrants have no problem in mutually sharing their cultural diversities.

    If you are planning to migrate to this fabulous continent and are currently the citizen and residents of Middle East, GCC, India or Africa, you will, of course, search for a migration agency that has a comprehensive knowledge of the applications procedure and qualification criteria for Skilled Nominated Visa Program, then you have no better choice than RCIC. The highly experienced team of experts will make sure that you reach your destination of obtaining the Skilled Nominated Visa program without any stress and hassle.

    The economic landscape of Australia is on a growth streak and the people required in Australia are according to the demand of the Australian economy. The primary qualifying factor for obtaining an Australian Residency is the work experience and qualifications according to the requirement in the Australian economy. The Skills Nominated Visa is provided to the individuals who fulfill the standard of experience and qualification set by the state or Government agencies. The point system, frequently used in many other countries, is a set to decide the further course of action. The applicant should necessarily obtain a minimum of 60 points and has the age below 50 years to receive a Skills Nominated Visa. Other factors considered during application review are the proficiency in the English language and qualification and skills of the spouse.

    Looking forward to obtaining Australia Skilled Nominated Visa/Migration

    Experienced and Trained experts at RCIC will help you with evaluating your qualification for Skilled Nominated Visa based on a recently updated point system. These agencies should always be with you until you receive the Skilled Nominated Visa for Australia and guide you throughout the application process.

    Australia has witnessed tremendous economic growth in recent years and is one of the finest destinations for individuals who desire to escalate in their career ladder. 457 work permit was granted before 18th March 2018 to the individuals who wish to work for a company in Australia. The duration of the visa was of four years if the company has sponsored the individual in this permitted timeframe.

    The 457-work permit has been abolished and is replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa which is relatively harder to obtain. This visa allows the skilled person to enter Australia temporarily. To obtain this new visa, the individual should contact with RCIC council which offers detailed information regarding the application procedure. RCIC is itself a regulatory body for immigration services which is known for providing fair and transparent information to the customers. From 18th March 2018, a new type of visa is introduced which replaces the old 457 work visa. RCIC provides detailed information related to the requirements and application procedure.

    Are You Looking for Australia Work Permit?

    From 18th March 2018, a new type of visa is introduced for foreign nationals to work in Australia, which replaces the old 457 work visa. RCIC provides detailed information related to the requirements and application procedure.

    After the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is the favorite destination for pursuing higher studies. The reason being the availability of high-quality education with more emphasis on practical knowledge. Australia is the country with many educators of International repute. The country has almost 22,000 courses with 1200 institutions with all levels of education including vocational education and training. Approximately 0.8 million international students enrolled in Australia out of which almost half were enrolled in higher courses. In the list of 100 Universities in the world, 7 universities are of Australia.

    Various types of study permits are available in Australia. The experts at RCIC immigration have thorough knowledge and expertise on student visa and will provide you correct information related to these study permits and their respective requirements. If you are the resident and citizen from the Middle East, GCC, India and Africa and planning to study in Australia, contact only immigration experts at RCIC. These agencies will be in close contact with you and your child for getting a student visa for Australia without any strain or hassle.

    Students require an Australian student visa if they enroll in a course that has a duration of more than 3 months. Through student visa, the student may able to enroll in primary, secondary, university, and postgraduate courses. The applicant should fulfill various conditions to obtain a student visa. These conditions include that the applicant has enrolled in the registered course, has proficiency in the English language, is in a healthy state, and has the financial resources to live in the country during the period of education. Student visas also allow the student to work for a maximum of twenty hours a week during the course and normal working duration during holidays.

    Interested in Australia Student Visa/Permit?

    Immigration experts at RCIC are trained in evaluating the eligibility of an individual for the student visa. Our experts offer guidance throughout the application procedure and ensure that you receive the student visa within or before the predefined period.

    Australia is a highly developed nation with a plethora of business opportunities. Many sectors in Australia are growing at a rapid rate and investing in these sectors may result in high returns. Australia is ranked twelfth in the list of largest economies with high per capita income. However, to invest in Australia, the citizens of other countries require investor visas issued by the government of Australia. Major sectors that had witnessed significant growth are tourism, education, health, and financial services. The investor should, to obtain an investor visa, comply with the minimum eligibility criteria and are bound by various terms and conditions.

    The visa is issued based on the type of investment the investor is ready to do. Various types of visas are issued based on the amount the investor is ready to invest. One type of visa is a subclass 891 investor visa. The primary requirement for receiving this visa is that the applicant should hold the Subclass 162 – Investor (Provisional) visa, have held the investment of AUD1.5 million for 4 years and must have lived in Australia at least for two years in the last 4 years. Another visa type is Australia Golden visa which requires the investment of AUD 5 million in a specific structure. RCIC, a regulatory council for immigration services, offers support to interested investors for obtaining an Australian investor visa.

    Are you planning to invest in Australia?

    Investment in Australia requires an investor visa which may open the door for Australian citizenship. The process is complicated as various types of visas are available with various eligibility requirements. RCIC helps in guiding throughout the process of obtaining an Australian investor visa.

    Australia attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world and is one of the finest tourist places. With mind-blowing and spectacular beauty, it is considered a dream destination for travel-lovers. While Sydney opera house is an icon of architectural beauty, with a 3000 coral reef and 300 coral cays, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is listed in seven natural wonders of the world. Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge of the world from which the landscape view of the harbor and city could be admired. With spectacular galleries and theaters of Melbourne, Bundle beach, Fraser Island, Daintree National Park, Kakadu National Park, Kangaroo Island, and Broome and the Kimberley region, there is something for everyone at the world’s largest island and smallest continent.

    Our immigration practitioners at RCIC are very well versed in the procedures and formalities for obtaining the Australian Visit Visa. If you are the citizen and resident of the Middle East, GCC, India or Africa, these immigrations experts will provide you with comprehensive information including minute details for securing an Australian Visit Visa. Their guidance, throughout the application process, will help your application moving at a rapid pace without stress.

    Family, friends, and relatives frequently visit Australia to meet their near and dear ones. The visit may also be purely for business purposes or sightseeing. Medical tourism is another arena where Australia is attracting tourists. To perform all these activities, an Australian visit visa is required to enter the country. Various visit visas are issued to allow people to stay in Australia for a period ranging from 3 months to one year. This legal binding on the visitors has empowered the Australian Security authorities to keep a vigil on the people entering in and exiting from Australia.

    Looking For Australia Visit Visa?

    If you are planning to visit Australia for meeting your relatives or friends or to attend a business meeting or to enjoy the spectacular sights of this country but do not know the procedure, contact only with the experts in Australian Visit visa. RCIC provides authentic and comprehensive information related to migration services and guides you seamlessly throughout the application process.

    Like the services of immigration offered by RCIC, love, too, is borderless. People fall in love while they are on vacation, on a business trip or during their studies. This love is seen as a symbol of the cultural integration of two diversified nations and shattering of the International boundaries. However, love and law are guided by different principles, and as such, the immigration services offered by RCIC is guided by ethics and international immigration standards. This assists the customers in getting love and law on the same platform. If you are ready to take this union at the next level i.e. to marriage, Australian immigration offers prospects for your better half to migrate to Australia and receive a marriage visa. There are certain conditions for obtaining a marriage visa. The validity period for this visa type is nine months after the issuance of the temporary visa, in which the couple must get married to initiate partner visa application which is either temporary or permanent. Further, the marriage visa is provided only when the spouse of fiancée fulfills the character and health requirement set up by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

    The experts at RCIC are experienced enough to bond families together in a fast and hassle-free way. Our experts are trained for assisting the customers to get Australian Fiancée or Marriage visa for the residents and citizens of the Middle East, GCC, India and Africa.

    The condition that should be met while obtaining a marriage visa includes that fiancée, who is a permanent residence visa, has Australian citizenship, and attained 18 years of age must sponsor the applicants of a marriage visa. There should have valid and authentic proof of the continuing relationship of the last 12 months and this relationship is not formal. The applicant for a marriage visa should physically meet and convince the fiancée that this relationship is to create a strong family. More the visa examiner is convinced by the bona fide intention of the applicant, higher are the chances of granting the marriage visa.

    Are You Looking For Australia Marriage Visa?

    Various documentation formalities are required to apply and obtain the Marriage visa. Any error in the documentation may lead to a delay in the grant. RCIC immigration experts will scrutinize all the documents required for receiving a marriage visa and assist you throughout your application procedure ensuring a stress-free experience.

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