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Canada continuously rated as one of the best places to live.


Spread over almost 10 million square kilometers, Canada is the tenth-largest economy of the world. Canada is the esteemed member of various world organizations such as Group of Eight (G8) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It is also considered as one of the wealthiest nations. The country has its borders from Atlantic to Pacific coast.

Canada has a high rate of economic development apart from its highly-developed cities, amazing lifestyle, incredible landscapes and scenery, and vibrant diverse culture. Canada is the second-largest country in the world with dazzling wildlife habitat, beautiful parks, Rocky Mountains, waterfalls, the most famous being Niagara Falls, Old Quebec, tall towers, historic places, and stunning skiing resorts.

Key Facts about Canada
  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Government: Federal monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
  • Currency: CAD
  • Dial Code: 001
  • Population: 34.88 million
  • Provinces: Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Scotia, More
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    The Canadian government has made various provisions to facilitate the entry of immigrants into their country. The immigrants may enter Canada under various programs such as a business visa like PNP visa, Quebec skilled worker visa, and Federal Skilled program. RCIC and our team is expert in assisting applicants in the process of immigration to Canada with a high rate of conversion of applications to valid visas. Through our experience, we have imbibed the nuances in filing Canadian visa applications to provide you with the hassle-free experience. Permanent Residence may be obtained through these visas.
    • Permanent Residence
    • Work Permit
    • Study Permit
    • Investor Visa
    • Visit Visa
    • Marriage Visa

    The Canadian Government has allowed the people fulfilling the requisite criteria to use the Express Entry to Canada Program. Individuals applying for Express Entry should have skilled work experience and good proficiency in English or French language. Also, individuals with high educational qualifications and can contribute to the Canadian labor market can apply for the Express Entry visa. Through this Express Entry visa, the person, with the help of any corporate firm, may be able to search for a job in Canada. After residing in Canada for 3 years, the visa holder may apply for Canadian citizenship. Canada offers a wide variety of employment opportunities in different industrial sectors for international immigrants.

    The Canadian Government has set up various qualifications for an individual to apply for Express Entry. The individual should have a job offer that is valid and has been permitted by the Human Resources and Social Development of Canada. Alternatively, the individual should have at least a one-year full-time job experience in any job shortage occupations. Mandatory Medical and criminal checks of the applicant should be done before working or residing in the country. After the candidate enters the Express Entry pool, based on rank given, the top candidates selected by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are permitted to apply for permanent residence.

    Various factors affect the rank of the individual who appeared in the Express Entry pool. These factors include proficiency in English or French, work experience, age, education, employment, and compliance of educational requirements by family members.

    Are You Looking for Canada Express Entry?

    RCIC assists individuals with their application for Express Entry to Canada Visa. The experts provide minute and authentic details related to the application ensuring a hassle-free receipt of the visa.

    Working in Canada is every professional’s dream. Not only does the country provides high career-growth opportunities but also offers the life-time experience of working with highly experienced business professionals. Financial security, high-standard lifestyle and friendly environment are other advantages that come along while working in Canada. Barring a few exceptions, individuals who wish to work in Canada should obtain a work permit.


    Each year millions of people visit Canada on temporary work permits. Canadian work visas are issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This program helps Canadian employers to recruit workers from outside Canada based on shortages. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has four major streams comprising the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, low skilled workers, high skilled workers, and the Live-In Caregiver Program.

    There are two types of work permits provided by the Canadian government. These are Employer specific work permit and open work permit. The individual with an employer-specific work permit is bound to work under the various condition such as specific employers you can work for, the number of hours of working and the location of working. You cannot apply for an employer-specific work permit before your employer completes certain steps. These steps generate either a labour market assessment copy or an offer letter-number which is required during the time of your application submission. An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada with some exceptions. RCIC helps you in obtaining a work permit by extending support during the application process.

    Looking for working in Canada?

    RCIC provides comprehensive information related to the eligibility and documentation requirement in applying for the employer-specific or open work permit. The experts at RCIC are experienced enough to take you through the application procedure.

    With 12 universities in the top 200 universities of the world and almost 200,000 international students enrolling each year, Canada is one of the finest destinations for higher studies. It is one of the favorite places for education when it comes to choosing an English-speaking nation. Canada is providing a degree with the standards like the US but at a highly affordable cost. The best universities in Canada include the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, Université de Montréal, McGill University, and the University of Alberta. Canada is also highly safe and secure in context to immigrants.

    Choosing a foreign University is a remarkable confusing decision to make as the whole career depends upon this decision. If you have chosen Canada, you need to know the minute details related to obtaining a study permit in Canada. To initiate the process of Canada Study visa, the student should have to obtain beforehand the admission letter or receipt of acceptance from the university. Only after receiving such intimation, the application for Canada study visa can be applied. The visa application requires various documents such as letters for acceptance, passport photographs, ID and the information related to financial health for continuing education. RCIC immigration experts have facilitated hundreds of students with their study visa application and assist them in receiving a study visit visa.

    If the University you have chosen is in Quebec province which has French as an official spoken language, the requirements, and procedure for visa application are quite different. The application for Canada study visa may either be submitted online or offline at the Canadian Visa office. The immigration authorities may also ask for medical information. After the preliminary evaluation of the application gets completed, the authorities may decide whether an interview is required or not. In case, the interview is required, the applicant would be informed about the venue and time.

    Interested in Canada Student Visa?

    Applying for a study visit visa and following up on the procedure is quite complex. Things become more complicated immigration authorities generate a query on your application. You should only contact with RCIC immigration authorized personnel who will provide authentic and fair guidance throughout the application process and help you to secure a student visit visa to leap your career ladder.

    Canada is a highly secure country with a low crime rate and high productivity. The unemployment rate is low and the country has a world-class healthcare system. The judicial system and courts of Canada are highly respected all over the world and the country has a rich cultural heritage to attract a large number of tourists every year.

    The country is among the top countries with an advanced and developed economy. Various programs are established by the Canadian government to encourage investment by foreign investors in Canada. The major sectors that largely contribute to the GDP are energy, automobiles, aeronautics, and natural resources along with international tourism.

    Various types of investment strategies are available for investment in Canada. Canada’s Entrepreneur Visa imparts a permanent resident status to its holder with permission to start and run business in Canada. The minimum requirements for a start-up investor is $200,000 if received through a designated Canadian venture capital fund whereas $75,000 in case of the investment is received through a designated Canadian angel investor group.

    RCIC helps investors who wish to invest in Canada by guiding through the application process for obtaining a Canadian investor visa.

    Wish to invest in Canada?

    Obtaining a Canadian investor visa is a complex and time-consuming process with a lot of eligibility criteria. RCIC helps the investors for obtaining a Canadian investor visa by extending support through reliable, complete and detailed information.

    You should visit Canada to experience and discover the dazzling life and historical tourist spots that have their uniqueness. Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is the perfect horizon of spectacular natural beauties and historic picturesque. The fast-paced living style will attract you and the lonely Rocky Mountains will take you to a different level of satisfaction. The winter season has its share of beauty with snow-topped mountains with resorts offering skies.

    The holidays in Canada witness a large number of tourists from all over the world especially from the Middle East wherein the summers are too long with soaring temperature, residents prefer to visit cool destination such as Canada to enjoy their vacations.

    For citizens of certain nations, Canada has the policy of free stay up to six months. For nationals of other countries, the individual must file a temporary Resident Visa form to stay in Canada for 6 months.

    To maintain its national security, the Canadian Government, from time to time, changes the requirement for obtaining a visa for entry in Canada. These requirements lead to the visit visa application process complicated and cumbersome. The applicant should also convince the immigration authorities about their plan of returning to their home country. Further, the immigration authorities should be informed about the adequate money for residing in Canada for a maximum of six months. Visit visa is advantageous to those individuals who are taking courses of fewer than 6 months in Canada. Hewer, they are not allowed to do any work on a visit visa.

    Interested in Visiting Canada?

    Canadian Government offers various types of visit visas including single-entry visas, multiple entry visas, and transit visas. Each visa has its own set of requirements. If you want to visit Canada on a visit visa and are not well-informed about the process, contact only the immigration experts at RCIC and they will be in continuous touch until you receive the approval for entry into Canada.

    Fraud Safety Warning: RCIC does not have any branches nor authorized any individual or immigration company to provide information on its behalf. You should check for authenticity before taking any immigration services.

    People visit Canada in search of their economic, social and cultural development. They must leave their families back in their home country. If the individual has married a Canadian citizen, the immigrant program allows the spouse and dependent children to apply for a Canada marriage visa. However, before the grant of visa, the couple should convince the immigration officer that they share a common plan and are looking forward to maintaining a strong bond.

    The other immigration program also allows a person with a Permanent Residence visa to apply for a spouse visa. The prerequisites for applying for this visa is that the age of the sponsor should be more than 18 years and must support the spouse for at least three years and support the dependents for up to ten years. The dependent under this category may enjoy various benefits provided by the Canadian Government. The dependent is provided with subsidized education and language and employment programs and has access to Canadian healthcare. The dependent has the right to work, live and study in Canada. Further, the dependents also have the right to apply for Canadian Citizenship in the future.

    Just providing the marriage certificate does not make the marriage genuine and the application can be rejected after submitting the marriage certificate. Canadian immigration authorities have put in place strict guidelines for preventing the entry of fraudulent and illegal immigrants. Not only the marriage visa faces strict inspection but fiancée visa applications also undergo a similar strict investigation.

    Marriage visa for entry into Canada is highly cumbersome and the application passes through stringent scrutiny. RCIC is experienced to make this process easy for the applicant by guiding adequately at various stages of application and advising expert advice.

    Looking for Immigration Service Provider for your Marriage Visa Canada?

    RCIC immigration experts have helped hundreds of applicants in obtaining various visas for entry into Canada. For evaluating your chances for obtaining a marriage visa, contact these agencies and they will guide you through the process and will provide you the detail of necessary documents for visa application.

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