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United States of America is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and ranks number 2 in the list of countries with high Purchase Power Parity.

Although the country has only a 4% share of the world’s population, it holds a whopping 31% of the world’s total wealth. The country world’s largest importer and highly ranked in a social and economic context. The capital of this country is Washington D.C. and the largest city is New York City.

The currency is the United States Dollar and the spoken language is English.

More than half of the top 10 universities in the world are situated in the USA. The healthcare system of this country is highly developed and most of the innovations in medical sciences occurred in the United States. The United States is home to different traditions, cultures, and values. Various amazing and fabulous sightseeing in the USA attracts tourists from around the world.

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    According to the E-2 non-immigrant classification, a national of a treaty country (a country which has a commerce and navigation treaty with the United States) is allowed in the United States provided he is investing a substantial amount in a U.S. business. To catalyze the job creation and investment by foreign investors with a concept to improve the U.S. economy, Congress, in 1990, conceived the "EB-5" program, which is an Immigrant Investor Program. The program is currently administered by USCIS. The United States Government issues B-1 visas for those people who temporary visits to the United States for business purposes. RCIC, an immigration regulatory body, provides extensive information about the investor/immigration visa and leads the customers throughout the application process with utmost honesty and transparency.
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    Because of its high standard in studies, US has the maximum number of international students all over the world. With the presence of 7 of the top 10 Universities of the world, 5% of the enrollment in higher education in the United States is of international students and this number has been increasing year-on-year. Currently, with over 1 million international students, the United States has come to a long distance from just around 35000 students in the mid-1950s.

    To obtain a USA study visa for your child, always trust the professional experts who have gained ample experience in guiding through the application procedure.

    RCIC extends its support to people who have any queries related to obtaining a USA study permit. The services of RCIC extend to the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. RCIC is established to protect the investment of the customers by providing authentic information related to USA visa.

    The international students are provided with enough opportunities in the US. The education system of the country offers an outstanding curriculum with more emphasis on ideas and discussions. Programs related to traditional discipline and professional field are provided to the undergraduate level students. The practical knowledge is provided to the student at the graduate level and they have the opportunity to share a common space with the best brains of the respective field. The US is the alma mater of many world-known personalities of academicians, politicians, businessmen, and researchers. The extracurricular activities are given high priorities in the US.

    The student should apply to the university of choice before applying for a visa. After getting confirmation from the university, the student is eligible to apply for the student visa. Although the application for a student visa is not complicated but may take some time for processing. After the processing of the application, the interview of the student is conducted at the Embassy. It is highly recommended to book an interview appointment as soon as possible as a student visa can be issued almost 4 months before the start of the University program. Any error in the application form or any glitch during the interview process may lead to delay in the process and the risk of missing the academic session also increases.

    Are You Looking For Studying in the USA?

    RCIC extends its support to the parents and children in solving the queries related to the USA study visa. By providing the detailed and correct information, RCIC ensures that the applicant has a hassle-free experience during the processing of the application.

    Individuals of the countries having special agreements related to navigation, commerce and investment with the USA may have a non-immigrant visa issued to enter the USA. The United States of America offers ample opportunities for business investment for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Investment in the United States mutually benefits the country and the investor.

    The government of the USA issues an E-2 visa to promote the economic development of the country. Individuals applying for an E-2 visa should have the intention to contribute to the economic development of the country by developing and running the company. The individual should have the executive authority of the company and may not necessarily be the investor. Applicants who are the regular employees are not eligible for an E-2 visa. It is also to be noted that unmarried children who had not attained the age of 21 years and the spouse of the applicant are also eligible for an E-2 visa.

    E-2 visa countries include the following:

    Moldova Colombia Italy
    Mongolia Congo Jamaica
    Montenegro Croatia Japan
    Morocco Czech Republic Jordan
    Netherlands Denmark (excluding Greenland) Kazakhstan
    Norway Ecuador South Korea
    Oman Egypt Kosovo
    Singapore Slovak Republic Estonia
    Slovenia Ethiopia Kyrgyzstan
    Spain Finland Latvia
    Albania France Liberia
    Argentina Georgia Lithuania
    Armenia Pakistan Luxembourg
    Australia Paraguay Macedonia
    Austria Philippines MexicoSri Lanka
    Azerbaijan Poland Suriname
    Bahrain Romania Sweden
    Bangladesh Serbia Switzerland
    Belgium Senegal Thailand
    Bolivia Germany Togo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Trinidad & Tobago
    Bulgaria Grenada Tunisia
    Cameroon Honduras Turkey
    Canada Iran Ukraine
    Chile Ireland United Kingdom
    China (Taiwan) Ygoslavia

    A person with an E-2 visa should have enough funds to develop and run the business. The income and funds not only support the cost of living of the individual and his family members, rather, apart from the living costs, the income and funds are also used to improves the economy of the United States such as generating jobs in the country.

    The application for E-2 visa should be filed along with a variety of documents including business plans, organizational structure, potential to create several jobs, financial reports of the company and tax details. Thereafter, the individual should have an appointment with the US Embassy officials.

    For unambiguous and fair guidance for immigration services, contact RCIC which is a regulatory council for international immigration.

    Are you planning to get USA Investor Visa?

    RCIC is one of its kind regulatory council for international immigration that offers various immigration services. The council provides thorough and accurate information related to the USA investor visa that helps you through your application process.

    2.2 USA Investor Visa (EB 5)

    To attract foreign investors for contributing to the economy of the United States, Congress, in the year 1990, created an EB-5 program under which USA investor visa is issued. The requirement for applying to this visa is that the applicant should have purchased the business before November 29, 1990, and that business has been converted to a new commercial unit or the initial company was extended in such a manner that the number of employees is increased by 40%. The person who establishes a new company after November 29, 1990, is also eligible for obtaining an E-5 visa.

    The requirements for issuance of this visa is purely commercial. The organization created either be a sole proprietorship, joint venture or holding company, should generate at least 10 full-time jobs for the citizens of the USA within 2 years of the issuance of permanent residence to the investor.

    For applying for the EB-5 visa, the investor should have enough un-borrowed capital. Initiating from November 2019, the capital range will be revised from $500,000 to $900,000 depending upon investment area.

    Comprehensive guidelines are in place for issuing the E-5 visa. The information is provided according to every individual and enterprise establishments in the US.

    RCIC offers professional support for individuals who want to obtain a US visitor visa. Opportunities for business in the USA are enormous and the investment from Dubai and Saudi Arabia is constantly increasing. Grab this business prospect to expand your economic boundary.

    Are You Looking For USA Investor Immigration Services?

    RCIC looks after the interest of the customers during their application process by promoting professional conduct within the delivery of immigration services. We assures hassle-free processing of the application.

    USA Visit Visa (B1/B2)

    National security is on the priority list of all the countries and developed countries, where people from other nations frequently travel, maintains a strict security protocol while issuing an approval for entry to people of other countries. The United States of America is one of those countries where security protocols are hard to breach. The security check at the airports for traveling to the US is an excellent blend of technology and human interference which is enough to irritate the travelers. Once you have issued a red card, meaning something is wrong either with your credentials or with your luggage, you are kept in isolation in a waiting area. It is not a great feeling when you are in a mood of vacations. It is, thus, advised the people who travel to the US to take services of the best immigration agency to avoid such situations.

    If you require authentic and transparent information related to USA visit visa (B1/B2), contact RCIC, which is a regulatory body for international immigration and professionally disseminates the information to its customers.

    Individuals visit the USA for different purposes. Some visit to attend a business meeting or business event while others visit to enjoy vacations. It is important to note that the government of the United States issues different visas for different purposes and people on one type of visa should refrain from doing things that are not permitted under that visa. By taking the help of the expert immigration professionals, you would be able to make differentiation among what tasks can be carried out and what is not permitted under a particular visa.

    The B1 visa is issued by the US for business purposes while the B2 visa is tourists or “Visitor for Pleasure (tourist) Visa”. Many individuals club their journey in such a way that while on a B2 visa i.e. tourist visas, they attend business events or business meetings. However, it is not permitted. The business event is an engagement of individuals related to investments and purchases, negotiations, hiring staff, conducted researches, taking an interview, and attend business meetings. In such cases, the joint B1/B2 visa can be issued. However, people on either joint B1/B2 visa or either of them are not permitted to accept employment in the United States, attend the college or school as regular students, and perform in professional sports or act as entertainers.

    Interested in Visiting the USA?

    RCIC, a regulatory body for international immigrations, assists the customers in obtaining USA visit visa (B1/B2). For more information on USA visit visa services, contact our immigration experts.

    USA is the world’s largest economy and has a high per capita income. The country has high living standards and offers several opportunities for skilled professionals in escalating on the career ladder. For working in the US, the citizens of other nations are required to obtain a US work visa.

    The US government issues various types of visas to individuals who wish to work in the US. Each type of visa has different eligibility criteria and is valid for the mentioned period. For entry into the USA for working, you must either have an employer-related visa that authorizes you to work for a particular employer, a work permit also known as employment authorization document, or Green card also known as a permanent resident card.

    Various categories of workers are allowed to work in the United States. These include temporary workers which are authorized to work for a specific purpose, permanent workers who are permitted to reside and work permanently in the US, and students and exchange visitors who may work in the United States under special circumstances. Experts at RCIC help you in receiving the work permit for working in the United States.

    Are You Looking US work permit?

    Obtaining a US work visa is not an easy task and the application undergoes detailed scrutiny. The process is complicated and time-consuming. Experts at RCIC help you in obtaining the US work permit visa by offering support during the application process.

    The distances between nations are no longer a hindrance for the people who want to cross borders for a better living, employment or study. Individuals are rapidly moving to developed countries such as the USA to improve their living standards and to experience a vibrant life. When a person settles in another country, it is now time to bring the family there. The developed cities, with a lot of opportunities, are now becoming the hub of cultural diversities. However, for making entry into the United States, the majority of the people had to apply for a visa.

    If a person with US citizenship wants to marry a person of different nationals, a special type visa is to be applied. There are three different variants of the US marriage visa. A non-immigrant visa is required in those conditions when the immigrant visa form is submitted by the spouse to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the immigrant visa is not yet issued. An immigrant visa is required in those conditions when either the couple is planning to get married outside the US or they have already got married and the spouse is planning to shift to the US. In such a condition, a special form is to be submitted by the spouse at the Embassy under the immediate relative category. The conditional resident status may be obtained by the applicant provided that the couple has married for less than two years from the date there was an entry of one of the spouses in the United States on an immigrant visa. Fiancé visa is another variant of a US marriage visa which is issued in case the applicant travels into the United States for getting married to a US citizen and has an indefinite period of stay.

    Comprehensive and detailed information is required to fill in all the above variants of US marriage visas. Taking help from the professionals experienced enough to handle such applications saves time and avoids hassles during the application process.

    Interested in USA Marriage/Fiancé Visa?

    RCIC is a regulatory council for international immigration and offers a variety of services related to the US Marriage/Fiancé visa. RCIC provides services as per the local rules and regulations.

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    2024 © RCIC. All rights reserved. RCIC IMMIGRATION SERVICES Registered In UAE at Dubai Economic Department with a paid-up capital of 80,000,000 AED