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Denmark is an advanced and modernized country with high living standards. The country is safe for people wishing to live in Denmark either to study or for work.

Denmark is an economically developed country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The country has registered significant growth in almost all facets like education, the health of its citizens, productivity and national security.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and the currency is Danish krone.

The country has a high level of income equality and has a high per capita income. It has a very low rate of corruption and has democratic governance. The educational system is largely regulated by the government and there is no tuition fee for Danish students. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Denmark to enjoy the natural beauty and lavish lifestyle. The transport system is excellent in Denmark with good railway networks, motorways, and bicycle tracks. Tourist places of Denmark include Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, Christiansborg Palace, LEGO House, and Oresund Bridge.

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    Most people coming to Denmark requires a valid visa to enter the country. The entry may be for different purposes and different types of visas are issued according to the purpose. If a student wants to study at any of the Denmark University, the Study permit visa is required while people visiting Denmark for business meetings, meeting relatives or for tourism purposes, should have to obtain a visit visa. Visit visa has a time limit of 3 months.
    To work in Denmark, a work permit is required. Various types of work permits are issued based on category. Various categories include Danish Positive List, Pay Limit scheme, The Corporate scheme will allow employees from a company outside Denmark to be relocated to the Danish subsidiary, and The Danish Greencard scheme. RCIC is an expert in providing detailed information related to visas required to get an entry in Denmark.

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    Denmark is one of the best countries in the world to travel. With lots of business opportunities and attractive tourist places, millions of tourists visit Denmark for various purposes. The purpose may be a business meeting, attending and event or visiting tourist places. Denmark is a highly prosperous country with a rich cultural heritage and a high level of social security. People of Denmark are friendly and you will feel a lot safer on the roads of Denmark as compared to many other countries of the world. Denmark has modernized lifestyle with a high living standard. Denmark secures a high rank in terms of the happiest nations of the world.

    People planning to visit Denmark should have a visa. The visitors obtain a Schengen visa which allows them to travel to Denmark along with other Schengen countries. The visa is issued for a maximum of three months. An individual with the Schengen visa is bounded by certain rules and regulations, for instance, the visitors with a Schengen visa are not allowed to work in Denmark.

    Whatever be the reason for your visit, a Schengen visa is tough to obtain because of strict eligibility criteria and rigorous scrutiny. RCIC extends its support to the individuals who wish to visit this beautiful country as well as other countries of the Schengen area.

    Many nationals wishing to work in Denmark may not require residence and work permits. For instance, the Nordic citizens are free to study, work and reside in Denmark and citizens of other European Union countries are also free to work subject to certain special conditions. However, people who are not eligible to freely enter and work in Denmark require a residence and work permit to stay and work in Denmark. Working illegally in Denmark without a valid permit may result in deportation and the employer may also face a fine and even imprisonment.


    For obtaining a work permit in Denmark, a valid offer letter from the employer is required. Various types of visas are issued for working in Denmark. Danish Positive List is the list of professionals working in those sectors where there is a shortage of skilled manpower. People with pay above DKK 375,000 are categorized in pay limit scheme and the corporate scheme allows the employees working in Danish firms outside Denmark to relocate to Denmark.

    Obtaining Denmark’s work permit is quite cumbersome and time-consuming and applying without taking expert services, many a time, lead to delay in issuance of the permit. RCIC provides reliable, transparent and up-to-date information related to a Danish work permit.

    Are You Planning to obtain a Danish work permit?

    The work permit of Denmark is quite complex and is of various types. Each type has its own sets of requirements and it is difficult to obtain in one go without taking professional services. RCIC, an immigration regulatory council, will provide updated and reliable information related to different work permits and help you decide on which category you fit in.

    Denmark’s education system is highly appreciated in the international community of researchers and multinational organizations. The reason for this is that the Denmark education system provides a perfect blend of professional knowledge in addition to academic knowledge by collaborating with various business houses. Danish education system follows the global education system and the students who complete their studies from Denmark are well-prepared to quickly rise in their professional career.

    Danish universities offer hundreds of courses to international students and because of a wide variety of courses, the number of international students enrolling in Denmark is increasing year-on-year. Almost 20000 international students are enrolled in various universities in Denmark. Denmark stood at number five in the list countries with the best education system in the world. Even more, Denmark is considered one of the safest countries to live. The growing number of international students is fueled by an innovative approach, cooperative environment, friendly Danish students and research-based study.

    For studying in this education-hub country, the student should obtain a study permit. The eligibility for studying in Denmark includes a strong financial background to pay tuition fees and living costs, admission to the university, and should have proficiency in Swedish, English, Danish or any other language depending upon the course chosen.

    RCIC helps the students on getting the study permit by guiding throughout the application process and providing detailed information related to the required documents and eligibility criteria.

    Are you preparing to go to Denmark for further studies?

    Getting a Danish study permit is a quite tiring and time-consuming process. RCIC helps you in obtaining a Danish study permit quickly and hassle-free.

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