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The UK is situated in the northwestern part of Europe. The UK comprises of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. The United Kingdom consists of both the low lands and the hilly areas. Important rivers flowing through the UK are the Thames, The Humber, and Seven. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has the largest metropolitan area and is also the financial hub of the United Kingdom.

Visitors are attracted due to its fast lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, cuisines, arts, and fashion. The UK is one of the largest tourist destinations with major attractions such as fabulous Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, Scottish National War Memorial, Kew Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Stone of Destiny and Windsor Castle.

With a high per-capita income, United Kingdom is the sixth-largest economy of the world.

The service sector comprises the maximum part of GDP and is having the world’s third-largest reserve currency. The United Kingdom has an advanced education system with many universities ranked in top universities all over the world.

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    RCIC, one of its kind regulatory council, comprehensively evaluates the eligibility of the applicant and provides fair, honest and reliable guidance throughout the application process.



    Individuals from any other country, who are not allowed to move freely to to-and-fro from the United Kingdom must obtain a visa to visit the country for any purpose. Various types of visas are issued depending upon the purpose for visit. People on the visa are bounded by certain terms and conditions which the visa holder must follow in the United Kingdom. Grant of visa for the UK is under the territorial authority of the UK government and is issued on the application along with necessary documents. Documentation requirements, eligibility criteria, and application process are updated from time to time.

    The most common types of UK visas include investor visa, tourist visa, business visa, marriage visa, work visa and study visa. Applying for any type of visa for entry into the UK is quite complex and time-consuming. Because of the risk of national security, strict guidelines are in place for issuing a UK visa. RCIC helps the individuals in making this process easy by guiding him throughout the application process.
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    Quality education develops a positive perspective towards life and it makes the person more prepared for facing challenges in life. The UK is known for its quality education and many universities in the UK are ranked among top universities in the world. It is the second-largest destination for international students after the USA.

    In the UK education system, more emphasis is given on skills development, critical thinking, and approach to solving a problem. This is the reason why the degree given by the UK universities are accepted worldwide by employers. Students visiting the UK for higher education come in close contact with the fabulous student lifestyle, novel cultural experience and chance to get experience form the renowned educators.

    UK study visa requirements depend upon factors such as duration of the course, type of education and the name of the educational institution. For the short-term course, many students may opt for a visit visa rather than a study visa. Obtaining a student study visa is a complex and lengthy process. RCIC is a regulatory council for immigration services that provide honest and transparent information to the students and their parents throughout the application process.

    Although students of all ages are eligible for getting a student study visa, they must fulfill the minimum criteria to apply for this visa. The applicant should prove his proficiency in English by passing the TOEFL or IELTS test. Students wishing to enroll in higher education should have minimum work experience. Apart from this, the immigration examiner should also analyze the financial condition of the applicant and his ability to bear the study costs.

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    RCIC is one of its kind regulatory council for immigration services which not only maintains the professional conduct in immigration services but is also takes responsibility for providing detailed and procedural information related to UK student Visa/Permit.

    Money when kept idle results in loss due to reduced future value. Surplus money should be invested in high growth projects resulting in gaining more profit. However, the investment should be made after analyzing the growth proposition of the business. Not only the characteristic of the project is important but the country in which the money is invested also impacts the overall viability of the investment. There is no better place than investing in the United Kingdom which is one of the strongest economies of the world. Tier 1 investor visa is required for foreign investors who wish to invest in the UK.


    For issuing Tier 1 investor visa, comprehensive procedural formalities and documentation are required. For getting assistance in obtaining this visa, you should contact RCIC which is known for providing authentic and detailed information related to investor visas for the UK. The experts at RCIC extend services to analyze the financial status of individual and other eligibility criteria for the UK investor visa.

    The investment in the UK mutually benefits the investor as well as the country. An investor gets a high return on his investment while the country gains momentum in job creation and overall economic growth. The individual may obtain a UK investor visa for a maximum of 3 years which may later be extended. The minimum disposable capital with individual wishes to apply for an investor visa is £1,000,000.

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    You should always opt for the best immigration agency for services related to the UK Tier-1 investor visa. RCIC is an immigration regulatory council that offers the best guidance during your application process for the UK investor visa.

    UK is an attractive blend of fabulous natural sceneries, artistic work, cultural diversity, and beautiful history. While huge mountains and large valleys offer a picturesque experience to travelers, dinner at the banks of river Thames and visit Madame Tussaud’s Museum are a treasure for tourists. To visit these and many more fantastic places, the country offers, individuals should have to obtain a UK visit visa. The UK visit is not only for tourism but for many other purposes such as attending a business meeting or to study a short-term course.

    Applying and following-up the application for the UK visit visa is a tiring and time-consuming process. Various subtypes of visit visas include study visit visa, tourist visa, family visit visa and business visit visa. The application process and requirements of these visitor visas are different. The visit visa is issued for a maximum of 6 months however can be extended to one year in some special circumstances. The visa holder should follow the rules for instance individual on a tourist visa is not permitted to marry in the UK.

    Taking immigration services saves your time and the irritation you will experience throughout the process. RCIC offers comprehensive services related to a UK visitor visa and professionally helps you to obtain a UK visitor visa without any stress.

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    RCIC provides thorough and authentic information related to a UK visitor visa. RCIC itself is a regulatory council for immigration services and helps the customers honestly and with transparency.

    People from other countries, who wish to work in the UK should require a work visa. Till November 2008, to inspire the skilled professional to enter the United Kingdom, the UK work permit scheme was in place. After that, it was replaced by the Tier 2 work permit which is point-based immigration. The UK, with strong economic growth, provides several opportunities in the education arena, automotive and aerospace industry and agriculture and financial sector. It is one of the most desirable countries by those individuals who wants a quick escalation in their career.

    Strict rules for issuing Tier 2 work permits are in place. This leads to the requirement of immigration services for applying and obtaining the UK Tier 2 work permit. The work permit is based on a point system thus has a different context according to the industry. The work permit is issued to those individuals who want to come in the UK for a job position which is not fulfilled by a UK citizen Further, the sponsor should be a registered company and the individual should be financially strong to bear the living costs in the UK.

    With the work permit, the individual has the chance to obtain permanent residence after working for four years in the UK and gains the experience of many highly professional multinational companies. However, the application process and documentation are cumbersome and RCIC extends its support in providing fair and honest guidance for obtaining UK tier 2 work permit.

    Are you interested in Applying for UK Tier 2 Work permit Visa?

    RCIC guides you throughout the application process for obtaining UK work permit visa and help you in achieving higher growth in your career. Professionals at RCIC are experienced to render reliable information related to UK work permit visa.

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    2024 © RCIC. All rights reserved. RCIC IMMIGRATION SERVICES Registered In UAE at Dubai Economic Department with a paid-up capital of 80,000,000 AED